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Re: soekris boot from CF card

J Moore wrote:

On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 01:05:09AM -0400, the unit calling itself Chuck Yerkes wrote:

How do I set up a CF card so that it's bootable with Soekris?

You go to the door marked Google, you knock 3 times.
Not 4. Not 2 (except when proceeding to 3).
And you seek the archives for Openbsd, or soekris tech
or the many other places it's come up for 3 years.

That's not very helpful, Chuck. I wouldn't have posted the question if I could find it easily on Google.


try this
P.S. hit Ctl + P to get into the bios of the soekris to change settings and tell it to 'autoboot' from your flash card. BTW it's set to do that automaticly, so if it doesn't you don't have an OS or something in the MBR for it to boot from. :-)

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