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OpenBSD 3.5 on OpenBrick-E

Hi all,

I wrote up how I installed OpenBSD 3.5 to run on an OpenBrick-E in Compact
Flash only. This is mostly based off nice documents from Netikus
(http://www.netikus.net) , with some fixes for read-only /dev and /var/db.

I also tried to incorporate some "best practices". If there's any errors in
this, or better ways to do this (mounting all of /var in mfs, for example)
I'd be pleased to hear of it.

Writeup is here: http://insecure.ucdavis.edu/OpenBSD/openbrick

* Adam Getchell, M.S.
* Application Developer
* College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Deans' Office
* acgetchell_(_at_)_ucdavis_(_dot_)_edu      (530)752-9284
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