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Re: hard disk terminology

On Sunday 13 June 2004 10:18, Robert Storey wrote:
> I'm just wondering if there is some technical reason for this. Why is it
> impossible to create sub-partitions named /dev/wd0b and /dev/wd0c?

/dev/wd0b (b partition) is historically used for swap.
/dev/wd0c (c partition) represents your whole disk.

>From disklabel(8):

disklabel only supports up to a maximum of 15 partitions, `a' through
`p', excluding `c'.  The `c' partition is reserved for the entire physi-
cal disk.  By convention, the `a' partition of the boot disk is the root
partition, and the `b' partition of the boot disk is the swap partition,
but all other letters can be used in any order for any other partitions
as desired.