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Re: HTTP://www.netbsd.org problem on OBSD-current

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 08:17:19PM +0200, Andreas Bartelt wrote:

> - I *do* receive the HTML data from www.netbsd.org on all my operating 
> systems (I had a look at the contents of the fragmented IP packets). I'm 
> also receiving these packets on OBSD-current.
> - Only OBSD-current seems to ignore/block these packets somewhere and 
> therefore telnet doesn't give me HTML output.
> - it works with OBSD-stable and on all other systems.

> The packets are indeed fragmented. Other systems (including OBSD-stable) 
> can reassemble these packets without problems. If it were a hardware 
> failure it could only by my Intel fxp-NIC on the OBSD box.

Well, you keep speculating that OBSD-current can't do HTTP with
www.netbed.org, but you have only told us that you tried using telnet
to view a web page and it didn't work.  I don't even recall seeing a
full log of your telnet session, but I may have missed that in your

Have you tried another program, other than telnet, like lynx perhaps?

I only write this because I noticed dillo claims no route to host
www.netbsd.org (or something like that) ... but lynx and
mozilla-firefox work fine for me on i386 -current.