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Re: Upgrades

Adam <suck_(_at_)_my-balls_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

> Unfortunately, no you aren't missing anything.  Updating
> ports/packages on OpenBSD is a pain in the ass, you may as well just
> pkg_delete all your packages and then re-add the ones you want,
> letting dependancies catch the rest.
> Adam

yes.. that's nearly the way i do it ;)

i created a kind of meta-port, which doesn't install anything, but it
has all ports i need as BUILD_DEPENDS, so i can just remove the ports i
want to be reinstalled and do a make (build-)depends in my meta-port
directory :)
sometimes i'll have to reinstall all ports, because something of the
system has been updatet (i'm following current).. that needs over 13
hours.. and more space than i have available on that partition..

is there a way to have dependencies be automatically cleaned after
they've been installed? i can do a "make clean=depends", but that's not
really what i need, because it still runs out of space before.
would be nice to have such a autoclean option ;)


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