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Re: SPAM and Anti-Virus

On Friday 11 June 2004 17.01, Martin Foster wrote:
> When I checked my ports list for OpenBSD 3.5, MIMEDefang and ClamAV
> were not part of the ports.   There is a version of the McAfee virus
> scanner and SpamAssasin, about the closes I managed to get off the
> ports.
> Where did you get the ports?

Different people maintain ports that are not yet committed, for various 
reasons. Most of these ports are intended for -current, though, so it 
might or might not work as intended for 3.5.

A ClamAV port you can find here :


Amavis-new port has been added to -current.

There are some other ports at http://ftp.etc.msys.ch/pub/ that might be 
of interest to you.