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Re: IPSEC with Windows XP Client

Check out this http://www.openbsd.cz/~pruzicka/vpn.html for small how-to
for IPSec between WinXP and OpenBSD.

Petr R.

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. [curtis_(_at_)_hawkmountain_(_dot_)_net] wrote:
> While I did get pptp working (as previously posted, along with
> questions nobody seems to have answers for), but I've looked into
> the IPSEC problems I reported earlier....
> The interesting thing I discovered, is that the XP client
> talks ISAKMP, then some ESP packets start flowing from my
> client to the server... but the server never sends any
> back.
> By doing ifconfig enc0 up and tcudmping it I get:

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