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asterisk (VOIP-capable PBX)

If anyone is interested, I have some very minor patches to allow
asterisk (-current) from last nights cvs to compile up under
openbsd-current/amd64.  As with most programs the compile is pretty
noisy on the amd64 and really should be cleaned up, but it seems to
work just fine (*).


So far I've only done simple tests with it.  Seems to be a fairly cool
program that with the addition of a few $65 sip desk phones allows you
to have voicemail, transfer calls, conference, park calls etc.  There
is even a peering exchange of asterisk users that allows one to
direct-dial any other site's phones.  Pretty cool stuff.


* It is amazaing how sloppy one can be with shoving pointers into ints
  when all the pointers point to the lower 2-gig address space anyway.
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