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dc NIC code broken in 3.5 ?

Hi all.

Last weekend I decided to upgrade my i386 3.3 fw-box to 3.5. I read that I hade to do a re-install, fine. I only use it as a personal firewall/NAT and security toy so I only backed up som /etc-files.
I downloaded floppy35.fs, installed, initiated networking during install using DHCP, downloaded install module via FTP and so on.

However, when install was complete, and i type "reboot" at the "Congratulations"-message, system hangs.

I reboot the hard way (big power on/off switch). Upon booting and reaching "DHClient"-startup messsage machine freezes.

I searched the web and found these;


They all seem to be related. When I yank the two dc-"Davicom"-cards out and the box boots normally.
When I insert an old ISA-NIC DHCP works. Box freeces when I try to boot with either of the dc-NIC's plugged in.

It seems dc-NIC-code in 3.5 is seriously broken.

Since there already are several dc-NIC-related bugreports I don't attach any dmesg or file another report. I post here because I want to know the status of the bug and if anyone knows if a fixed snapshot will be avalible soon?

Since I'm not that much of a driver-hacker I guess I have to install 3.4 until problem is solved.

Some thoughts;
This is my first post on this list since it is my first major problem with OpenBSD. ( I hope hotmail doesn't mess up the mail...)
Since this seems to be an already known issue. Perhaps some kind of warning should be posted at www.openbsd.org's upgrade/install-page informing people with dc-nics that upgrading to 3.5 might result in a unusable system. I know it would have saved me some hours.
Imagine a first-time user trying OpenBSD and after a successfull installation the system hangs, not a very nice first impression of a good OS.

Anyhow - thanks for a great OS and pardon my english.


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