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...on Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 11:22:50AM -0400, RV Tec wrote:

 > I'm running OpenBSD 3.5 on a Pentium 4 2GHz with 2GB RAM. The main (only)
 > application of this server is MySQL 4.0.20. And the memory  usage is
 > pretty low (approximately 1.5GB is free).
 > I was wondering whether raising BUFCACHEPERCENT is going to help me or
 > not.

Mysql has tons of options that influence it's 
memory usage (see the various example .cnf files 
in the support-files/ subdir of the mysql source 

I'm shure you can make it use more of your memory :)

Keep in mind there's additional options if you're 
using innodb, and double check if your server is 
really using your customized my.cnf...


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