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Re: Creating a 2.88M customized bootable floppy/image

On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 02:26:16AM +0800, Daenniel W. Aller wrote:
> Is there a way to "map" a 2.88M .fs boot image file into a "/dev/fdX" device? 
> I know I can do something similar by means of "vndconfig", but it doesn't handle "fdX" devices (just vndX ones). 
> The reason for me to do this is because I need to add boot manager stuff in this .fs boot image (a ramdisk-able boot disk, used to 
> generate a bootable CD-ROM), and the most full-featured boot managers (like GRUB) does not handle vndX devices (just hdX and fdX 
> ones, I guess). 
> Any ideas? 

I am pretty sure that when GRUB talks about hdX or fdX, it is talking
about BIOS level access to these devices; you cannot simply "map" a
floppy image into a device node under OpenBSD and expect GRUB to be
able to see it. This is not the way things work at all.

What you probably want to look at is floppy emulation for bootable

You could start here:

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