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Re: Snapshot upgrade or snapshot install

Daniel Ouellet wrote:
I read the FAQ and a few other things.

On the:


Looks like the only options is to upgrade and make the changes by hand
written here:


But as the bsd.rd is the install kernel anyway, am I wrong to think that
if you are welling to always reinstall from scratch, you would have the
option of selecting install instead of upgrade with the bsd.rd from
current and then do it like a fresh install and all the changes describe
into the upgrade section would already be done.

Am I wrong to think that, or will there be something missing? I think it
should really be good as it's suppose to be a snapshot anyway. But may
be I am missing something, or don't think the obvious.

you got it.
From a "getting everything where it needs to be the version it needs to be", yes, installing a snapshot is very easy...the stuff in upgrade-minifaq.html is just about _upgrading_ from a previous version on disk, none of this is needed if you just install and run a snap directly.