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Re: Installing to a RAID 5 array...No disks found

On Fri, 4 Jun 2004, Chris Goff wrote:

> I checked the OpenBSD i386 FAQ, and saw this entry:
> Adaptec FSA-based RAID controllers (aac), including: (A) (C)
> Adaptec .. 2410SA ..
> under RAID and Cache Controllers (http://www.openbsd.org/i386.html). It
> should be supported then...
> The system is a newly built AMD MP server (single processor) on a Gigabyte
> GA-7DPXDW+ motherboard, and the drives are connected with a SuperMicro
> CSE-M35T1 (5 bay) SATA hot-swap enclosure.
> I suppose it's possible the enclosure is causing the drives not to be
> detected. Is there a step I'm missing here? If this isn't the proper place
> to ask this question, I'll take it to the bsdforums, and I apologize for
> the interruption.


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