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Fwd: Re: MTU [kerndtr@kerndt.com]

On 2004.06.02 11:04, Nick Holland wrote:
luizinho wrote:

Hi guys. A few weeks ago I bought a Ethernet card
with VIA VT6105 chipset. I just can´t change the MTU
of that to 1492. Is it possible? Where can I read if
is it possible?

I discovered recently that NOT ALL NICS let you set the MTU. The rule seems to be, "If you need to, the NIC you picked doesn't permit it" :)

I have this same problem with my box as well. To get around this I've set the mtu=1492 for the default route in the routing table. Though path mtu discovery did work well I felt it was just more efficient to specify this in the default route as my internet connection is through an ADSL modem using PPPoE.