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flame/rant incoming (was: Potential OpenBSD Virus Found!)

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 07:29, Billy B. Bilano wrote:
> I am wondering if this is a new virus that I have found...

I'm wondering if you're the virus in this case...

> First, I decided I needed to get to the root of the problem, no pun
> intended:
> # fstat / | tcpdump -i - | less

man fstat tcpdump

> Well, that doesn't work.

Of course... try to allocate more brain if available.

> [...] So I locked the door and decided to start by removing all
>  unneeded  device drivers from my kernel. For the archives, a simple
>  way of doing  this is as follows:
> # dmesg > /tmp/mygoodstuff
> # cat /usr/src/sys/`machine`/conf/GENERIC > /tmp/mybadstuff
> # diff /tmp/mygoodstuff /tmp/mybadstuff | uniq -v > \
>      /usr/src/sys/`machine`/NEWGENERIC

No such file or directory... not even /usr/src/sys/`machine`/ exists.

> After a quick smoke break, I rebooted the system with the new kernel. At
> this point, I decided to systrace the entire system. Again, for the
> archives, this is how one would do it (please add this to the FAQ, dudes,
> because I don't like having to repeat this every few days):
> # echo "systrace /etc/rc" > /etc/rc

Wannabe smart? try fscking your brain.

> As time marched forward and after a quick reboot

bla bla bla... STFU!