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Re: Why *are* the kernels monolithic?

In some mail from Victor, sie said:
> But isn't there a benefit of getting companies to release binary module 
> drivers that they would otherwise not release? There is also an added 
> convenience of allowing people who are not technically proficient to 
> load drivers without recompiling their kernel. Granted OpenBSD does not 
> cater to that crowd, I would still think it's a useful feature. Also, 
> mission critical systems with huge uptimes don't like to be rebooted, 
> where again loadable modules become useful. Again, openbsd does not 
> cater to that crowd, but to say that there is no "convenience" in it is 
> just plain wrong. It is both convenient and useful. Maybe not to you, 
> and that's ok, but I think there are many reasons to support such a feature.

Then there's another angle by doing what FreeBSD have done with its
NDIS interface - develop your own interface so that you can make your
OS appear like Windows so random binary network drivers from whatever
companies can just be used without waiting for docs to be released.


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