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Hi, misc.

 Today we get some new hardware. It based on Intel SE7501WV2 motherboard
with integrated Adaptec AIC-7930 SCSI-controller. And additional PCI-X
device RAID-contriller Intel SRCZCR.

 So I try to install 3.5 on it (with floppyC35), and fail. It said 'hd0*'
(in case with RAID-controller and RAID array), or 'hd0* hd1* hd2*'
(in case without), but after "Proceed with install" - No disk found.
On i386.html my SCSI-controller not listed (hopefully, yet), and I
understand source of problem...

 But, maybe, someone say some? Will addition (supported) SCSI-controller
board be usable to resolve this situation?
 What about this controller in snapshot, maybe I can help/do some...tests?