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Re: Why *are* the kernels monolithic?

On 2004 Jun 1, at 10:41 PM, Damien Miller wrote:

> One of the best things about OpenBSD is that it works out of the box. I
> don't have to worry about kernel modules not matching my kernel,
> runtime-loaded kernel rootkits or obscure module dependancy bugs. I
> can't recall one occasion where I have /wished/ for a particular driver
> to be a module.

Hear, hear. Back in the day, I wasted far more time screwing around 
with compiling Linux kernels--and the modules were the worst part--than 
I ever saved by even the more aggressive performance boost. And those 
loadable modules didn't give me anything in convenience, either; quite 
the contrary. Ethernet modules refused to load, and more....

Sure, if you're running at the margins, you might need a custom kernel. 
But, if you're running at the margins, you're in the minority (by 
definition), and you either know what you're doing, or you have the 
money or the time to learn.



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