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Re: adding Soekris 4801 to supported architectures

...on Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 06:39:28PM +0200, Henning Brauer wrote:

 > and you gained exactly what from that?
 > oh right you save 2 picoseconds of boot time (because you boot so 
 > often) and save 2 megs of RAM... oh yeah

I couldn't care less about boot time, but some 
of my systems have little memory, and 2MB do 
sometimes make a difference.

What did I gain apart from that? Well, a good 
overview on what's supported and what isn't in 
each release, and the knowledge of what my 
sytems can do, and what they can't (because it 
isn't in the kernel). Why should I have aperture 
support on a system that's never going to run 
XFree, or LKM, IPv6, NFS, or COMPAT_idontknowwhat, 
if I know I won't ever need it? It's just another 
small part in the puzzle, and prevents some 
accidential or or intentional misconfiguration 
on the running system.

Hey, I have been administering OpenBSD systems 
since about 1998, and I have never used a GENERIC 
kernel longer than it needs to build my own. Let's 
call it a bad habit from the old times. Can't 
remember any trouble because of that (except the 
one time when I swapped NICs and didn't install a  
matching kernel before).


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