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Re: adding Soekris 4801 to supported architectures

cloper wrote:

> I never said anything of 'stripping comments'. I just see no point in
> having many scsi drivers setup for a system when i have no scsi, sound
> support for a server without sound, same with wireless, and every other
> option in the kernel. Its a preference, if things break, i would boot
> into a generic kernel, and see what happened. Why is this such a huge
> problem with people ...
> chris

I think because inevitably, it because a support issue as people start
submitting bug reports/problems with nonstandard (broken) kernels. No
one is saying "don't do it", just that 1) there's little if any reason
too (space on a flash card is a valid reason), and 2) don't expect
support if things break.