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Re: Any DMESG available for IBM Opteron eServer 325 with mirror SCSI setup?

* Daniel Ouellet <daniel_(_at_)_presscom_(_dot_)_net> [2004-05-30 11:28]:
> Just to follow up on some previous questions I had on the list. Is there
> someone that would have a DMESG available for the IBM eServer 325
> running OpenBSD 3.5 on a setup that use the built in mirroring SCSI
> configuration by any chance? Would it be possible to share it if any?
> Looks like this is a nice box and may work, but no one so far knows if
> the SCSI built in mirror, or driver would work. Looks like the IDE may
> do, but nothing for the SCSI and even less if the built in mirroring is
> selected!

If memory serves it was an mpt(4). The mirroring is not supported (yet, 
at least, who knows what marco brews in his torture chamber).

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