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Re: FW: Diary of a minimalist desktop -Complete

Quoting Roy Morris (rmorris_(_at_)_finalhour_(_dot_)_ca):
> should I then change my approach to 'relative minimalist'? You must 
> agree Unix went from a console app setting to the Windows counter part 
> gnome and kde, which seems to be the ' I want Windows, but on Unix' 

Hmmm, wonder if that's how I was using Graphical interfaces on
Suns in the mid 80s, when MS was DOS with tricks to switch apps
and Mac was multifinder.

> approach. Perhaps I am middle of the road minimalist? lol.

> Calendar(1) works fine, and in fact after some playing with other apps, 
> may end up being where I stay.

I used plan for a long time, and several other things.  Now
I use a PDA.

> Printing, well .... I have seen long threads in this very group of 
> people trying to have 'meaningful' printing. People who don't write C, 
> or have been playing with Unix since 70's, who 'expect' they can say 
> {start, settings, printers, add} ... so again .. relative issues.
man -k print
man lpc

These are the basics.  Walk before you run.

Unix has the bottom 95% of what you'd want in an OS.
Windows has the top 30% (it's kinda pretty to the new, but if you
 dig a bit, you find that's it's all on top of nothing).

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