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Re: OpenBSD newbie, `root' name refused .. solved..

Friday, May 28 02:05:17

> On Thu, 27 May 2004, Bryan Irvine wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-05-27 at 16:14, Chuck Yerkes wrote:
> > Quoting J. (mailing-lists_(_at_)_xs4all_(_dot_)_nl):
> > ...
> > > Thnkx Remy, .. I still find 't a bit  strange that there is no separate
> > > list for new-commers, or people migrating from other os's like moi. 
> > > [yes I've read the migration pages..]
> > 
> > And yet there is.  Newbies@  ... something.  Mrs. Google will help you.
> it's @sfobug.org :-)
> --Bryan

After watching numerous threads go by on a g00gle search for `newbie 
openbsd' in the sense of:

`So why should the people answering the question put forth
more effort than the individual asking?'

And not seeing any newbie related majordomo lists from openbsd.org, I
assumed that there wasn't a mailing list for migrating users. 

As with regards to:
> And if you'd paid attention, you're realize that you're learning
> the Platonic Form of Unix, as presented in different incarnations
> or Linux and FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

Are you suggesting that there are still comments to be found by John lions
in the kernel source ? lol...

Thnkx for responding in such a unambigious way... ;-)


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