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Re: How to assign IP to NIC hardware address staticaly

Quoting Jerome Loyet (jerome_(_at_)_loyet_(_dot_)_net):
> > From: "Jerome Loyet" <jerome_(_at_)_loyet_(_dot_)_net>
> > > You can do that with DHCPD. It gives IP at a given MAC address. 
> > > See man 5 dhcpd.conf
> > 
> > Unfortunately, that won't stop the user from disabling dhcp and
> > manually selecting his/her own address...
> No it don't but it permit that DHCP client got good IP. 

Yes, and centrally managed is good.
(OP didn't want DHCP because he indicated that he thought it must
be dynamic.  That's not true.).

Get a real switch and lock down ports by MAC address.