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Re: How to assign IP to NIC hardware address staticaly

use a proxy with authentication or use authpf and account that traffic.

On Thu, 27 May 2004, Delyan Nestorov wrote:

> Hi all,
> First I want to excuse for my bad English! I hope you will understand me.
> I work in a small company with a small network with 32 real IP addresses
> and machines behind NAT. Our server is running Slackware Linux with 2.2.. 
> kernel.
> Now I want to install OpenBSD instead Linux with 2.4.. kernel.
> But I want to prevent users changing their IP addresses,
> cause they pay for their traffic. For example user1 with IP can 
> change his address
> to IP and owner of will pay the traffic made by 
> user1. I want staticaly
> assigned IPs not given by DHCPD. I want to assign IP address to user's NIC 
> hardware address and
> if user change his IP traffic from his MAC will not be accepted. I can do 
> this with iptables on Linux with 2.4..
> kernel, but I want more secure OS so I want OpenBSD. I read lots of 
> documentation about OpenBSD and PF
> and didn't saw PF can filter by MAC address. Is there any other way to do 
> this?
> 							Thank you for 
> 							attention.
> 							    Delyan Nestorov

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