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Re: Can ifstetd sense carp interfaces status?

On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 10:58:42AM -0400, stan wrote:
> Is it possible for ifstated to sense the "MASTER/BACKUP" state of carp
> interfaces?

Yes. The CARP state is reflected as the link state of the CARP

i.e. 'if (carp0 link up)' checks whether carp0 is master.

> And on a related note, given a 10 or 100baseT fxp card, why does the
> interface sattus stay in UP, when the cable is unpluged? Is there another
> (ifstated sensable) flag that would tell me the cable is unpluged?

This may be a software bug, but is more likely related to the
functionality of the media independant interface (phy) on that card.
I'll look into the specific case of the inphy on the fxp, but don't hold
your breath. Some phy's take quite some time to recognise that the link
is down; the nsphyter found in Soekris net4x0x boxes takes 5 seconds or
so do detect that the link is down. How long are you waiting?

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