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Re: ftp mirror (MD5s on sunsite.ualberta.ca)

Quoting Grumpy (grumpy_(_at_)_grumble-bubble_(_dot_)_org):
> > > Better yet, Theo should be the only developer pressing his own CDs on
> > > blanks that he manufactured himself and selling them in person only from
> > > his own private vault.
> > 
> > How would we know Theo is Theo ?
> Because the fish is Theo.

But the walrus is paul.  Will Theo be consumed by a Beatle?

I'd say that
host -t txt    sys.src.tgz.20040518.md5.openbsd.org
host -t txt    base.35.tgz.i386.md5.openbsd.org

should return me the MD5 hashes.