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Off Topic, Interested in Opinions

Please reply to my address, and do not clog the list with replies to this question. Thank you.

Doing research on a problem a client has recently I stumbled on this in the documentation for Colinear System's Response For Windows direct marketing software (which integrates with MS SQL Server or Oracle):

[Error messages are a fact of life. They are generated by even the best systems under ideal conditions. Environmental, operator, hardware and other factors will periodically conspire to cause problems for any application which is subjected to significant load over an extended period of time. Most direct marketing applications report errors, regardless of severity, to the screen for an operator to read and react to. Nagging problems could present consistent and repetitive error behavior for quite some time before any pattern is ever detected. Database corruption or loss— which could have been prevented by timely intervention—is the usual result. The seriousness of the situation depends, of course, on the importance of the data and the exact nature of the deficiency. /Response/ doesn't want to take such risks; nor does it leave to the enduser to record and react to error messages. Instead, Response has two independent error tracking subsystems which serve to isolate, collect and to distribute error messages to personnel whose responsibilities and expertise warrant such action. An ascii text log of all such errors is maintained as well for historical reference. Although users are shown any errors in real-time, separate systems collect and distribute this historical data (like any other data) throughout the system. The result is a live, ongoing system /audit/ which faciliitates technical support, diagnostics and trouble-shooting, hardware defect tracking (at the workstation and/or server level) and overall problem resolution. Each error condition is tracked by date / time / operator / program used / error status / description et. al. Much time and effort went into making these subsystems powerful and stable in an effort to head off problems before they do any real damage.]

Question: With the fact that, according to my client, this software was very expensive, the customer support has been sparse at best, and the problems using it fairly overwhelming, is this attitude justifiably turning my stomach, or am I just fretting over a cruel "fact of life" which I can do nothing about? Is it ridiculous for me to encourage my client to move to another operating system and investigate having development of his own "direct marketing" software, perhaps based on existing gpl software?

Am I wrong to be somewhat enraged?

Please understand I am *not* asking support for Response, SQL Server, or the Microsoft Operating System in any form.

Seeking guidance and opinions. Thank you for your valuable time.

Robert Potts

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