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Re: Lotus Domino 6.0 and Above

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 02:40:33PM +0200, Martín Marconcini wrote:
> Thanks to all those who responded. To avoid trolling [...]

You didn't.

> But I feel tempted to remind "you" that Lotus Dominó is NOT an email 
> [...]
> users now have the power of Domino and the whole infrastructure. 

Ah, ok. This is really convincing. You know, who wouldn't want to have
the whole infrastructure?

> I am not trolling, but I just wanted to know if anybody had experience 
> with Domino under *bsd. 

Nooo no, you're not trolling. We can all see that.

> So, now that we all know that *BSD in general has no Domino support, i'll 
> have to use an alternative OS (Linux comes into my mind)

Please do.

> pst: i'm not a domino-zealot, far from it. [...]

Yeah, of course. We can see that in your arguments.

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