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Re: front page

actually, I'd be very surprised if most of this list was not aware of FrontPage and how it looked. I know I can open an xfm window and look at my pages, I was simply referring to the way Frontpage displays everything 'within' the application, saving my lazy ass the a click or two. don't get me wrong, it's not that I can't do my editing, I could do the job in VI by way torture yourself, when you don't need to!!! 

I don't consider installing Gnome or Kde an option, these are monster, bloated wannabe windows front endsthat have moved beyond the simplicity and stability they could have achieved. If I want to suck up all my system resources, I will cut my cpu in half! lol 

I am simply looking for some mid point between vi and Frontpage .. I guess composer will have to do :)


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On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 09:04:23AM -0400, Roy Morris wrote:
> sorry, let me rephrase that ... 

I guess you'll just have to rephrase again.

> I am looking for a tool the displays my entire site, in a similar

What do you mean, displaying the entire site? Several little browser
windows on a big screen?

> I just find the ability to display all the files in the site in one

How about a file manager?

Seriously, I can't see what is it that you want that a tool like
Konqueror (file manager, web browser, image preview, etc) won't do.

You must take into account that, this being an OpenBSD list, there are
not a lot of people here to whom those "similar to Front Page" remarks
will make sense.

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