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Re: AV gateway

> >Try to redirect all SMTP traffic to a local copy of ClamAV which scans
> >and sends on.  I don't yet know if this is do-able, it was just a quick
> >thought.
> I know it's do-able as a defined SMTP server, I'm doing it right now.   
> I was speaking of a transparent solution on a gateway, like a 
> transparent proxy.  I was thinking of a ftp-proxy or transparent squid 
> type setup.

Install a SMTP+antivirus server on that gateway, make it listen on an internal
address and then redirect all SMTP connections there.  Something like this:

rdr on $if_internal proto tcp from $net_internal to any port 25 -> $addr_internal

Note that this will not work (or at least not straight-forward) if your clients
are using SMTP AUTH.