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Re: MPlayer WMV 9 Question

On Sat, May 15, 2004 at 01:40:49AM -0400, Dave Sorg wrote:
> When I try to play a WMV 9.0 file with MPlayer, it tells me that I need to 
> enable the codec before I compile mplayer. I never compiled MPlayer. I just 
> used the pkg_add command. I believe I have the codec installed correctly, 
> however I'd like to know how to enable it.

  if you've only pkg_add'ed it, ... it looks like the win32 flavour doesn't
  come as one of the packages ( at least on i386 ), from glancing at the
  pub/OpenBSD/3.5/packages/i386 dir, so i'm wondering where the WMV 9.0 
  codec would've come from?  i could be wrong ...

  perhaps try compiling it FLAVOR=win32.

  might get more immediate response on ports@ too



[ openbsd 3.5 GENERIC ( may 10 ) // i386 ]

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