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Update to 3.5 with mini-faq

Hi !

On mini-faq (http://www.openbsd.org/faq/upgrade-minifaq.html)
I've got this:

1.2: What is the best way to upgrade?

(...). "The best and only supported way to move from release to release is
to install the binaries from the most recent release."

Now, the truth is that I don't know what must be done to "install the
binaries" !  (This is another "school boy stuff"... sorry ). Downloading
3.5 bsd.rd via ftp, boot from it and upgrade the system by ftp (according
the help from Greg below) is the meaning of "instal the binaries" ?

Thanks a lot!

>If you're on 3.4-stable, which I know you are, you can download 3.5's
>bsd.rd via ftp, boot from it, choose upgrade, and upgrade via ftp.
>This installs 3.5 but does not make changes to etc and var.  You would
>then go back and edit relevant files in etc and var paying attention to
>the upgrade mini faq.

>Delete your /usr/src and /usr/ports and then grab them via cvs.

>Of course, you may want to double check what I said above.


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