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Re: Use of an MTA on openBSD

On May 14, 2004, at 7:26 AM, Kevin Barrass wrote:

I'm building a new OpenBSD test server at work and have some experience
with Exim but Openbsd comes with sendmail which I have not used before
iam unsure what MTA to go with, if sendmail is good then Id rather stick
with what is packaged with sendmail.

You didn't really explain what your requirements are, so it's hard to give you a solid recommendation. As Jesper noted, your choice should take into consideration the features you need and the security record of the project. Postfix works really well for me on my servers, although I build from scratch (not from ports) in order to get some of the newer patches like Courier authdaemond support (for smtp auth). If you have very basic MX requirements, then the audited sendmail in OpenBSD will serve you well. If not, and you'd rather not learn advanced sendmail configuration (ick), I suggest you try something like Postfix or qmail (I've not tried exim, so I can't comment).

Jason Dixon, RHCE
DixonGroup Consulting

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