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Re: About src and ports

 thanks all for showing me about the relationship between src and

 Let me talk about the problem that I getting here, once that my doubts
 with ports doesn't exist anymore:

 When I updated my system from 3.4 -release to 3.4 -stable, I used the
 mini-faq from openbsd.org. It worked fine !

 Now, when upgrading to 3.5 stable, I'm getting the following error in
 the begining of the mini-faq described process, when executing make obj:

 /usr/src/usr.bin/comm/obj -> /usr/obj/usr.bin/comm
 ===> usr.bin/compile_et
 /usr/src/usr.bin/compile_et/obj -> /usr/obj/usr.bin/compile_et
 ===> usr.bin/compress
 /usr/src/usr.bin/compress/obj -> /usr/obj/usr.bin/compress
 ===> usr.bin/cpp
 "Makefile", line 12: Malformed conditional (${USE_GCC3:L} == "no")
 "Makefile", line 12: Need an operator
 "Makefile", line 14: if-less else
 "Makefile", line 14: Need an operator
 "Makefile", line 16: if-less endif
 "Makefile", line 16: Need an operator
 Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
 *** Error code 1

 Stop in /usr/src/usr.bin.
 *** Error code 1

 Stop in /usr/src.

 I've tried to run make cleandir after getting the error above,
 but I've got the same error with make cleandir.

 I've tried too taking a look at the Makefile in /usr/src/usr.bin/cpp/, but
 my skills in programming isn't so good (if the error is this Makefile,
 of course...).

 Any clue of what is happening here ?

 Thanks a lot !


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