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Re: C++

:I'm looking for a good C++ book.
:Does anyone know a good one ?

I know of several: ;)

Introductory but not patronizing:
- "Thinking In C++," vol 1 and 2
   (Bruce Eckel)

For the nitty-gritty details:
- "The C++ Programming Language (3/e)." (Stroustrup)

- The C++ standard
  Shows what each compiler impl should do; a PDF is
  available for around $12US and apparently there's a 
  new book form for $65US...

Assuming you don't mean an introductory text, you may find the following

- "Effective C++," "More Effective C++," "Effective STL"
   (Scott Meyers)

- "Exceptional C++," "More Exceptional C++"
   (Herb Sutter)



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