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OpenBSD 3.5

Just received the 3.5 CDs.  A few comments on packaging and such.

Between the tiny font and low print density, the detailed installation instructions (the ones that run to several pages, actually an installation example) are totally illegible. I checked with previous versions, they had much higher print density (darker text) and I can read them. I don't know if this is due to a font change (like I said, I can't read it), a different printer, or normal variation, but there is a major difference between my copies of 3.2 or 3.4 and 3.5.

Above was in ideal lighting; installations often get done in poor lighting. If you can't increase the brochure size to allow a larger font size, I suggest deleting this from the brochure, replacing it with a text file on the CDs and a statement (in a large font) along the lines of "Print file xyz for detailed installation example".

The plastic CD case arrived with the plastic prongs that hold the CDs in place broken for 2 of the 3 CDs. That makes the case almost useless. I'd just as soon you'd used a cheap cardboard mailer. Such a mailer could be flatter and might also let you save on postage (letter rate vs. parcel).

Looking at the three CDs, it occurs to me that I'd prefer a single DVD. I've no idea the current economics of DVD reproduction, but if / when you choose to offer a DVD I'd purchase it in preference to multiple CDs (even if it cost a few dollars more).

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