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Re: bgpd on 3.5 - questions and an issue

* Greg Maples <greg_(_at_)_netconnect_(_dot_)_net> [2004-05-12 21:25]:
> I set up (probably very naively) a simple bgpd.conf on our front end router,

great ;)

> got it to announce the right network and all seemed well.  It ran for just
> over
> a week and then something odd occurred.  What happened is that with no log 
> errors on either my machine or on the remote cisco, the announcement simply
> stopped being made.

now that is certainly strange. I have never seen this before.

> 1. I'd like to find a more complete reference to the bgpd syntax with more
>    examples... someone mentioned that it looked a lot like Juniper setups.

the most complete reference:
1) the bgpd.conf(5) manpage
2) the /etc/bgpd.conf sample config
3) /usr/src/usr.sbin/bgpd/parse.y ;)

> 2. Is there any known issue with silent session expiration or drop?


> 3. Is there anything obviously dumb about the setup above?

not at all, it looks perfectly fine.

> 4. I'd also like to add a section to allow a second router with carp to 
>    share the gateway IP.  Where can I read up on how to set up a redundant
>    pair of BGP based routers sharing an address over carp?

this... well, this does not make too much sense. bgpd relies on 
established tcp sessions, this is not going to fly.
The Way To Go (tm) is a second machine running bgpd with a second pair 
of sessions. It would be neat to couple advertising the network(s) in 
question to the carp state on the inside interface - but taht is not 
possible (yet).

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