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Re: DARPA one year later...note to Americans

the spoonfed nationalism card.


Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 wrote:

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 10:10:15AM -0600, Breen Ouellette wrote:

   There are a lot of Americans who are not happy with the current
administration.  Maybe the American readers on this list aren't.  But
I'd wager at least some of you aren't too happy with the fact that your
government was hijacked by a daddy's boy with a silver spoon in his
mouth and daddy's cronies whispering in his ear.  So look to the heart
of the matter: Canadians are mostly upset that from up here, it seems
like the American people just rolled over and accepted that someone
stole the presidency.  I know that it's not the case: there are many

If you are not smart enough to understand how the Electoral College
works... you just might be Canadian.

Even the New York Times, no friend to Republicans, eventually admitted
that yes, Bush did in fact get the votes needed to win Florida, and Al
Gore did not.  Because Bush won Florida, he had enough Electoral
College votes to be president.

Did he win > 50.1% of all votes cast?  No he did not.  Neither did
Clinton in either '92 or '96.

I am well aware that Canadians are smug enough to believe that
Americans in general are stupid, shallow, and lazy.

Too bad we keep kicking your butts in just about any kind of
competition anytime we try.