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boot stops at starting network

I'm installing 3.5 from cd to a Micron TransPort Trek 2. If
I configure the network during the installation and say yes
to the 'Do you want to do more, manual, network
configuration?' question, I have internet connectivity.
However, a reboot stops at 'starting network'. From that
point, I can't get any response, so I end up reinstalling.

Then, if I don't configure the network during installation,
it boots fine. I then configure the network manually, but
when I run /etc/netstart, I get another freeze-up, same as
if I had configured the network during installation.

I've checked the list archives, and all I can find is that
this problem was fixed on April 20. I interpret that to mean
that the fix is included in the 3.5 release.

Checking the 3.5 errata, I see no mention of this problem.

I can't include my dmesg, since I haven't managed to get the
machine to boot with network connectivity.

What am I failing to understand?


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