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Centralizing e-mails

Hi eveyrone, here's what i'm tyring to do:

I have a file/web/database server running openBSD for a small office (5 people); 2 of those have individual e-mails, and the other 3 share the general e-mail adress of the business (all 3 can send from that adress, but only 1 receives on that e-mail adress).

The problem is, when people are searching for an e-mail, they have to search through 5 computers, which can be annoying.

I'm trying to find a way to centralize the whole e-mail system, so anyone could look through all the e-mail (even if they have to 'switch profile' like in mozilla). When I say centralize the e-mail system, I don't mean 1 big inbox for all the e-mails. I still need a few email accounts, but I would like those accounts to be accessible for other PCs.

I taught I would setup a little postfix+imap on the server, but our ISP doesn't let smtp traffic come in, so we can't have our own 'real' mail server.

Has anyone every had this problem? Any suggestion on how ot centralize all these emails?

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