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Re: CARP using Serial to sync

On Tue, 11 May 2004, Chuck Yerkes wrote:

> Quoting Brandon Mercer (nomercy_(_at_)_eutonian_(_dot_)_com):
> > Christian Gut wrote:
> > >On Tue, 11 May 2004, Brandon Mercer wrote:

> > I am pretty sure that the net4801 has two serial connections, though I 
> > have to make sure.  I see your point... the ppp junk is just messy.  
> There's an internal 10 pin header that is the second serial port.
> When I did lots and lots of Failover/HA machines we mandated dedicated
> heartbeat interfaces (on separate cards).  This was because the
> Suns COULD get lots and lots of traffic (before network switches
> existed, even) and a heartbeat could get lost.  We dropped SL/IP
> support when Sun's slip stuff proved to be unreliable.

Talking about heartbeat, youre right, but were talking about pfsync now,
thats a bit more than "hey I'm there"

Additionally: whats cheaper: buying a cheap intel and plugging in and
using knowledge of every day or building some ppp link and when it gets
to fail (unfortunately - in this case - it wont fail very often) think
about uhh.. how did this damn thing work...