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Hi !

I have been following most of the threads containing questions and answers
of the Dell PERC controllers. I also understand that some are based on
Adaptec (aac) and some on AMI MegaRAID (ami).
As I soon will implement 5 firewalls at a customer based on Dell PowerEdge
750 or similar together with OpenBSD 3.5, I have the following questions.

Is the hardware compat list http://www.openbsd.org/i386.html updated for
3.5 ?

One thread said PERC 4/SC have problems. Is there any problems with the
other PERC controllers ? Or can I simply trust the hardware compat list at
OpenBSD? One thread said 4/DC did not work. But he said he had not tried
it recently.

The Dell 750 can be delivered with 4/SC or 4/DC. If none of these are
good, I maybe have to choose something else.

Can somebody recommend a PERC controller ?

How well will the CERC SATA work ?

Thanks in advance
Per-Olov Sjöholm

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