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Re: more soekris

Okan Demirmen <okan_(_at_)_demirmen_(_dot_)_com> writes:

>> To me, the desriptions on there web site were just technical with no
>> real examples of usage in laymens terms.
> Probably better to mail soekris-tech_(_at_)_lists_(_dot_)_soekris_(_dot_)_com with your
> questions....

Not according to their web site:

  "[...]  off topic posting, incl. generic technical questions, are
  not allowed and should be directed to other relevant forums. "

> All the questions you have asked have been documented multiple times
> in various list archives and websites dedicated to Soekris and
> OpenBSD. It will be a lot faster for you to google for those than
> for anyone to repeat the answers and options you have...

It would be a stretch to imagine that the above comments were an
attempt to be helpfull.  They are pretty useless.  Had you included
even one url I'd think other wise.  

You could have as well been silent, at least then it wouldn't have the
effect such non-usefull posts often have.  That is, to possibly head
off other posts that actually contain some usefull information.

Had googling been so fast I wouldn't have gotten here.