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dhcpd dealing with disappearing interfaces?

OK, I admit, I'm not very nice to dhcpd :-)

What I did:

- Insert a PCMCIA NIC
- Let dhcpd listen on this NIC
- Eject the NIC
- See what happens...

What I saw:

dhcpd will happily continue to listen on a non-existing interface and
after a minute or so, it'll start to consume all CPU-time (Endless

[oliver_(_at_)_crocodile][oliver] ifconfig rl0
rl0: no such interface

[oliver_(_at_)_crocodile][oliver] ps aux | grep -i dhcpd | grep -v grep
_dhcp    19375 98.1  0.1   248   656 p1  R+     7:15PM    5:34.78 dhcpd -d rl0

[oliver_(_at_)_crocodile][oliver] top -b -n 1 | grep dhcpd
19375 _dhcp     64    0  248K  656K run   -        6:27 97.71% dhcpd

What might be better:

dhcpd could check if the interface it listens on still exists and
die gracefully if the interface 'disappears'.