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Question : dhcpd error message : Can't find free bpf


First off, I want to say how much help I appreciate the help I've been getting from you guys so far. Even a response from Theo. That's a treat!

Here's a problem I'm facing:

I have an OpenBSD box with 9 (yes 9) ethernet interfaces serving DHCP on 9 (yes 9) subnets.

When I set up dhcpd and run it, I get this message after the EIGHTH interface is attached:

        Can't find free bpf: no such file or directory

dhcpd will then exit.

Naturally, I upped the figure in "pseudo-device bpf 8" and recompiled kernel to try and get more bpfs. I tried all sorts of figures, 10, 45, 90 ... but the same error came up.

I also noticed that whatever I do, there's always exactly ten bpf devices under /dev -- /dev/bpf0 to /dev/bpf9 .

My question is: have I just hit upon a software limit, or is there something I can do about it without having to mess with code? (I know, I know, recompiling kernel is messing with code, but YOU KNOW what I mean.)

Thank you very much!


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