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Dummy IPSEC question

Hi *,

I've a strange issue with the following config:

Internet ---- OBSD box <---IPSEC---> Cisco ---- Home LAN

My home LAN is a.b.c.d/27 and is routed thru the VPN.
Cisco IP: w.x.y.z
On the Internet, a.b.c.d/27 is routed to the OBSD box.
VPN is up'n'running, Firewalls pass the right traffic.

On the BSD box, netstat -r -n shows:

Source        Port  Destination   Port  Proto SA(Address/Proto/Type/Direction)
a.b.c.d/27    0     0/0           0     0     w.x.y.z/50/use/in
0/0           0     a.b.c.d/27    0     0     w.x.y.z/50/require/out

When I try to connect from Internet -> my home LAN , no problem
When I try to connect from my home LAN -> Internet, it fails after the OBSD box
(but packets reach their destination!)

Any idea?

Loose bits sink chips.

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