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Re: hardware firewall/router based on obsd

Quoting Harry Putnam (reader_(_at_)_newsguy_(_dot_)_com):
> Chuck Yerkes <chuck+obsd_(_at_)_2004_(_dot_)_snew_(_dot_)_com> writes:
> > Quoting openbsd-misc_(_at_)_netchan_(_dot_)_cotse_(_dot_)_net (openbsd-misc_(_at_)_netchan_(_dot_)_cotse_(_dot_)_net):
> >> soekris?
> >>
> >> > From: Harry Putnam
> >> 
> >> > Can someone prompt me please.  Oh and is it 1000MB capable?
> > Is it capable of a gigabyte?
> >
> > You wanna clarify?
> I meant 1000MB data exchange over ethernet.

I regularly run 1000MB of data over my soekris' ethernet.

The Interfaces are 100Mb/s but in reality you're doing well
if you get 50Mb/s THROUGH it.  The whole box costs less than
high perfomance cards I've bought.  It's a not hugely fast
CPU, and the SIS network cards 
1) share an interrupt
2) are designed for low cost/part count rather than performance.
A 3.3V PCI card COULD be put into the 4x01s though.

> Thanks Posters... it was Soekris.  And after checking the site I see
> they are not listed as being capable of 1000MB exchange.
> I've sent a message to the staff asking if there may be such
> capability anytime soon.
Given where their market is, really doubtful.  It can't take
full speed on the 2+ 100Mb/s ethernets.  (but it will send 1000MB
given a little time).

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