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Re: 3.5-release console lockup

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 11:19:32AM +0300, Alexey E. Suslikov wrote:
> no. cables are ok (for external keyboard). no BIOS settings
> change. no ANY changes in hardware and it's setup. 3.4-stable
> is ok... i have just replaced 3.4-stable with 3.5-release and
> got this issue.

Apart from all "3.4 is ok, no hardware change, etc" talk, did you
actually try to boot 3.5 GENERIC without the mouse or with the mouse
port disabled?

Since 3.5 RAMDISK_CD works, and it does not mess with ps/2 mice at
all, it may be that it works just because it does not trigger the
apparent fairly specific and obscure bug in this notebook's ps/2
keyboard/mouse ports.

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