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Setting up an accounting bridge with OpenBSD

Hit there,
I'd like to set up an accounting bridge.
in other words, I'd like to use an OpenBSD box (most likely a soekris)
As a bridge, that will do packet accounting of the traffic passing in one interface and out the other. I'd like to set this up so that the box doesn't have need or have any IP addresses on the bridging interfaces (the admin will occur on the third interface) can anybody point me to doc that would...

1) tell me the right way to ifconfig the interfaces for address-less operation, (in particular how to configure pf to input, log-count packets and pass them out another interface)

2) What accounting stuff to use (or do I roll my own)

3) Data display (I suppose I should use MRTG right?)

I'm trying to audit my traffic in my cage so I can see how much bandwidth each IP address is using, the end result will be to bill my customers that are using WAY too much bandwidth.

Thanks in advance.